8:00 Registration and welcome coffee
8:30 Session 1: Introduction
9:30 Session 2: Prioritising Base
  • Understand the Customer Directional Policy Matrix
  • Make better decisions on allocating resources to customers
  • Develop an Account Policy Matrix
  • Objectively prioritize customers in terms of strategic importance
  • Main strategies for managing customer base
10:30 Coffee & Networking Break
11:00 Session Three: Stages in Key Account Management
  • Understand the stages KAM Maturity in your organization
  • Recognize the features of each stage
  • KAM being a journey instead of a project
  • Achieve long term competitive advantage
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Session Four: Key Account Planning – Why should the account work with you and your company?
  • Develop a foghorn message to your Key Accounts
  • Create a relative value proposition
  • Differentiate your organization and yourself
15:00 Coffee & Networking Break
15:30 Session Five: Key Account Planning – Power Bases and Influencing
  • Manage a broad range of relationships
  • Be able to influence effectively
  • Align every member who deals with your account to a common goal
  • Understand the various Power Bases
17:00 Summary,End of Day One
8:00 Registration and welcome coffee
8:30 Session Six: Key Account Planning - Needs Analysis & Political Mapping
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation
  • Analyze Key Accounts before visiting
  • Understand the influence on buying decision
  • Avoid the commoditization trap
  • Know the various roles in your Key Accounts
  • Identify and manage the “fox” in your Accounts
10:30 Coffe & Networking Break
11:00 Session Seven: Key Account Planning - Needs Analysis & Political Mapping
  • Understand the organizational value chain
  • Track customer priorities
  • Understand PESTLE analysis
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Session Eight: Developing your Value Proposition
  • Understand customer purchase motivation
  • The reality of customer perception
  • The multidimensional aspect of Quality
  • Understand the implication of Full Acquisition Cost
  • Develop Value Map
14:00 Session Nine: Managing Key Account Knowledge in your Organization
  • Understand the implications of effective knowledge management
  • The Key Determinant of an effective knowledge sharing culture
15:00 Coffee & Networking Break
15:30 Session Ten: Leadership and Team Development
  • KAM as a leader
  • Gain support for your Key Accounts
  • The characteristics of a high performing team
  • Manage the virtual account team
  • Understand motivational styles
17:00 Summary & Close