With relatively few large customers accounting for a large proportion of an organisation’s sales, success is increasingly dependent on them. For the sales organisation, the key to making such a long-term relationship work is to gain an understanding of the business issues that the partner is facing, and offer solutions that make financial sense.

This 2 day programme provides the tools and processes that enable you to engage more strategically with your larger customers – and your own support organisation – in order to build a more mutually profitable and sustainable relationship.

Working on case studies and exercises related to real life , course participants will develop their analytic skills thereby gaining additional insight into their key accounts. Further, their ability to implement their plans will be enhanced through the sharpening of communication skills based on a well established model of how the brain works.

Key account management is not a short term initiative but rather a key strategy to gain competitive advantage which puts an organisation in a position to succeed. Key Account Management provides the strategic base, the processes and the disciplines to compete effectively in a market where customers are demanding more and more from their suppliers. Key accounts require more of your energy and time than other customers. Key account management is about managing that investment in time and resources to achieve win-win outcomes for both parties. The relationship in a key account is a long way from the conventional transactional relationships experienced by many sales people. Relationships are at the very heart of key account management. They provide the source of information and understanding that  can be built into added value activities. They also provide the foundations for long-term business based on mutual trust and confidence.

It takes time to build robust long-term relationships which move both organisations through the stages in the key account management described during the programme.

The programme explores a range of tools and models which can help you build the relationships with your key accounts.