Trainer Profile

The Trainer is a British national, an experienced KAM Practitioner, having spent 17 years in almost every job in Sales and Marketing ranging from Sales Representative to Marketing Director. His background is Life Sciences and he gained much of his experience in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Technologies industries, before moving into consultancy and then Training in 1997.

As a Consultant, he has carried out a number of Marketing and Business Development assignments for ‘Blue Chip’ companies such as Mars USA, Novartis, BMS, Bayer AG and Eisai. His training and consultancy has taken him all over the world and he has regularly worked across North America, throughout Europe, Australia, The Middle East and Asia. The trainer has a good understanding of the Regulatory environments that apply within each of the world’s major Pharmaceuticals markets from his time as Associate Director with WG Consulting, one of the world’s most successful Market Access Consultancies.

The trainer has a passionate belief that training sometimes has a ‘bad rap’ in terms of perceived image in the corporate world, he also believes that, for the most part, this image is deserved. The trainer believes that training needs to be inspiring, engaging and fun. It needs to change behaviours for the better, to encourage its participants to reflect and consider themselves and their performance – training without reflection and introspection is just ‘days away from the desk’. Consequently, the trainer’s training style is facilitative, engaging and fun. Serious, important topics are give exposure and time to be aired. Agendas give structure and guidance but are not there to be followed slavishly. Because training is, above all, an experiential process, The trainer has devoted a lot of time into creating exercises, games and case studies that engage delegates and draw them in to the process. Of course there are PowerPoint slides too – but these are used to help support and communicate, not as a ‘crutch’ to the training and not as the raison d’etre for the training.